Types of Distributors And Wholesalers In The PCD Pharma

Types of Distributors And Wholesalers In The PCD Pharma Franchise Business

An effective distribution channel is the backbone of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. And this rings true in the case of the PCD pharma franchise business also. The success of any PCD pharma franchise business whether small or large primarily depends on the distributors, wholesalers and stockists. From marketing pharma products to helping you reach the target audience, distributors/wholesalers play a key role in taking your PCD pharma franchise business to new heights of success.


If you are thinking of investing in the PCD pharma franchise business, you must work with a reliable distributor/wholesaler to stand out in the competitive world. There are different types of distributors and wholesalers in the pharmaceutical sector. Make sure to choose the one as per your business needs and goals. Before we dive deeper, let’s first understand the meaning of each term.


PCD Pharma Distributors and Wholesalers

People often use the terms “Distributors” and “Wholesalers” interchangeably. The main role of both wholesalers and distributors is to help PCD pharma franchise companies grow and excel. However, there are some differences. Let’s find out.


Pharma Distributors

There exists a direct and open relationship between the PCD pharma franchise company and distributors. Pharma distributors market and sell the products sourced from the PCD pharma franchise company to wholesalers who further resell their


products to potential consumers. The main aim is to boost brand awareness and visibility in the market.


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Pharma Wholesalers

On the other side, pharma wholesalers work closely with distributors but not the pharma company. They buy pharma products in bulk from distributors and resell them in the market. Moreover, they have a strong social network with retailers, pharmacists and chemists.

Above all, PCD pharma franchise distributors do not provide pharma products to retailers directly. They work with stockists and wholesalers to market and sell pharma products.

Keep reading the blog to learn about various types of distributors and wholesalers in the PCD pharma franchise sector.


Types Of Distributors & Wholesalers

No matter whether you are new or have years of experience in the PCD pharma​ franchise business, you must have in-depth knowledge about the types of distributors and wholesalers you may have to deal with down the road within the pharma domain.


Various types of distributors and wholesalers in the pharma sector are :


1. Single Party Pharma Franchise Wholesaler/Distributor

Single-party pharma wholesalers/distributors are resellers or franchise partners running a small-scale business. They can either be a small group of individuals or an individual working as a franchise partner for a reputable PCD pharma franchise company.


They sell high-quality pharma products sourced from licensed manufacturing or PCD pharma franchise companies like Vivaceutical.
Furthermore, they deal directly with retailers or target customers in small locations and enjoy a higher margin profit. Moreover, there is no need to hold a wholesale drug licence to operate in the industry.


2. Multiple Party Pharma Franchise Wholesaler/Distributor

Multiple-party pharma franchise wholesalers/distributors work at a large scale for multiple channels to achieve the sales target in the shortest time possible. They are either a large group of people or multiple small companies integrated into one. From medicines to drugs, and clinical equipment, they buy and sell all types of pharma Products to experience a huge amount of sales.


However, unlike the single-party franchise model, it is mandatory to have a drug licence to operate as a multiple-party pharma franchise wholesaler or distributor. Having a valid licence protects you from all legal consequences down the road.


3. Producer Wholesaler/Distributor

Producer wholesalers/distributors are franchise partners who operate in busy and crowded locations where there are more customers. An increase in the number of customers will result in a rise in demand for pharma products also. This makes wholesalers and distributors offer lucrative deals and discounts on pharma products to attract more customers, gain a competitive edge, and boost sales.


However, the strategic role of producer wholesalers/ distributors is quite limited since they are more focused on marketing their products.


4. Merchant Wholesaler/Distributor

Merchant wholesalers and distributors may or may not sell the product directly. However, they enjoy a huge profit margin. The pharma merchants

  • Initiate communication among pharma parties.
  • Offer marketing support.
  • Initiate a specific individual deal.
  • Deliver all the necessary details and stats to the relevant customers.


Apart from that, they are responsible for the safe handling and storing of the stock. They buy products in huge quantities and sell them in small quantities to various retailers.


5. Agents and Brokers

They are the type of wholesalers/distributors who deal with the sale of non-focused and essential goods in different domains.


PCD pharma franchise companies appoint them as discount specialists for white product manufacturers for specific locations. They work as per the demands of the products. They aim to market and sell products that are not in demand. Pharma companies fix the commission rate for the brokers or agents under the mutual agreement signed by both parties.


Let’s Wrap Up

Above all, both pharma distributors and wholesalers are the strongest pillars of the PCD pharma franchise sector. They operate on various fronts and contribute to the success and income of the pharma sector.


Furthermore, they make the process of buying and selling products easier and hassle-free both on a small and large scale. For more information, get in touch with the team of experts today.

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