Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services in India

Develop quality and affordable pharmaceuticals with the help of top contract pharma manufacturing services in India.

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The Best Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Service in India

The process of manufacturing, labeling, marketing and distributing quality pharmaceuticals requires huge investment, resources and workforce. You can skip it all by opting for third party pharma manufacturing services in India.
With Vivaceutical, you get the opportunity to develop high end pharma products in the easiest and most affordable way. We have all the resources laid out for you. With us, you are investing in the best third party pharma manufacturing service in India and getting access to top resources for quality production of pharma products.
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Benefits of Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In comparison to setting up your own manufacturing unit, choosing third party manufacturing services such as Vivaceutical pharma manufacturing service has a number of advantages. Some benefits that you enjoy by opting for contract manufacturing are:

  • Minimum investment since the company offers all the resources you need.
  • Profitable opportunity for you as high end products are manufactured in a cost effective way.
  • Professionalism of a team of specialists.
  • High end result and on time.
  • Easy supervision over the production process and quality of manufacturing methods.

Why Vivaceutical?

Hiring a third party pharma manufacturing service gets you better results, better income and better business for a low investment. In addition to this, Vivaceutical brings on board several unique features that makes it the best contract manufacturing company in India.

Wide Formulations

Vivaceutical deals with several pharma product segments that include gynae products, medications for male and female hormones, hair health and more. Different formulations include topicals, oral drugs, oncology formulations, Nutraceuticals, etc.

Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Process at Vivaceutical

Choosing third party pharma manufacturing services help you save a lot of time since the company handles all the work. But, it’s important that you choose a company that’s ethical and knows the best way to get through with the order.

Order Details

We start by going through with all the order details with you. From selection of composition, packaging material, brand design, size of order and delivery time, we will discuss everything with you.


Once both parties agree with the details of the order, our team will prepare a quotation for you based on all your requirements. The quotation will include costs of material, packaging, logistics, tax, etc. You will get a full breakdown of the final quote.


Once the quotation and order is finalized, we will move on to the next step of collecting important documents. Some of the necessary documents you must submit are a company's PAN card, drug licenses, sales tax/TIN registration certificates, agreement for manufacturing, etc.

Production Process

After finalizing the price and order details, we will require a 50% advance payment to begin the production process of your order. We will complete your order as per the time duration discussed and settled upon during the order finalization process.


As soon as the production is complete, our logistics crew will handle the delivery of your order. Rest assured that you will receive the delivery at the specified time and in perfect condition.

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