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About Vivaceutical

Vivaceutical is the nation’s leading PCD pharmaceutical franchise company, garnering the reputation of a high standard pharmaceutical third party manufacturer, distributor and a top PCD Franchise Company in India. We’ve established our brand around the vision of constantly supporting the ever growing pharma sector with high quality pharmaceutical products.

As an ISO certified company, we take the quality of all our pharma products very seriously. Our team of professionals has taken on the task of quality testing every pharma product and ensuring that it complies with the DCGI and FSSAI quality standards.

Our collaborative programs are an invitation for you to join hands with one of the best PCD Pharma Companies and establish your own business.

The company provides integrated franchise programs that include manufacturing, packaging, and distributing pharmaceutical products to associates as they enjoy their monopolized status.

Why Join Us

Vivaceutical, as one of the top PCD Franchise Company in India, brings a lot to the table for businesses. Our collaborative programs are a perfect opportunity for businesses to venture out in the pharmaceutical sector on their own.
The collaborative initiatives taken by Vivaceutical have given way to impressive business opportunities. We invite pharmacists, distributors, suppliers, and retailers to collaborate under our PCD Franchise Program and Third-Party Manufacturing Program.

What Drives Us

We realize our social responsibility towards our people, people who aren’t limited by state borders. We recognize the immense need for immediate medical support across the nation. While we cannot be everywhere, our franchises can!

Businesses that collaborate with us under our PCD Pharma Programs take our vision & mission onto the next step, while staying true to our values.

Join us in our venture to be the Top PCD Franchise Company in India today!

Easy access to a wide suite of high quality pharma products through franchises set up across the nation - we’re taking affordable health & care to every nook and corner of India!

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