PTR & PTS Calculator

With the inclusion of GST, the rate calculations for both Pharma Stockists and Retailers have changed. We have designed a PTR and PTS calculator to help you get a general idea of how you can calculate the retail and stockist margin. PTR stands for Price to Retailer and PTS stands for Price to Stockist. Additionally, you also have the option to calculate the net scheme values.

This calculator helps calculate contract terms, product costs, and all other financial terms associated with the world of PCD pharma.

What is PTR?

PTR is short for Price to Retailer. It is the price at which pharma goods are billed to retailers, stores and wholesalers. The formula is used to calculate net schemes and is an apt indicator of good quality. It compares the price of the medication provided with the overall value provided.

How to Calculate PTR?

To calculate the PTR, you must first find the Net Margin and the GST Factor. 

The Net Margin can be calculated by subtracting the retail % from the MRP. This net margin is inclusive of GST. (Net Margin = MRP - Retail %)

The GST Factor can be calculated by adding 100 to the GST amount. (GST Factor = 100 + GST% /100)

Finally, to calculate the PTR, divide the Net Margin by the GST Factor. (PTR = Net Margin/ GST Factor)

What is PTS?

PTS is short for Price to Stockist. PTS is the price of particular pharma products that are given by the pharma company to pharma stockists and distributors. This price is exclusive of GST. This price is referred to as transaction cost or fee-for-service price. This formula is used to calculate how much a provider is charged for its services and is usually based on negotiated prices.

How to Calculate PTS?

Once you have calculated the PTR, you can now use it to calculate the PTS. 

To calculate the PTS, subtract the Stockist% from the PTR. (PTS = PTR - Stockist%)

Requirements to Calculate PTR and PTS Manually

You require the following data to calculate PTR and PTS manually:

  • MRP of the Product 
  • GST Percentage
  • Retailer Margin Percentage
  • Stockist Margin Percentage

The process of calculating PTR and PTS is pretty simple, even with the introduction of GST. The complete formula has been provided to you for a manual calculation. When calculating the PTR and PTS that is exclusive of GST, ensure that no GST is added to the MRP. If the MRP is inclusive of GST, you’ll have to remove it before following through with the calculation. 

To make the complete process easier, more precise, and error-free, we have also provided you with a PTR and PTS calculator. Simply specify the MRP, GST%, Retail Margin, and Stockist Margin to calculate the PTR and PTS within seconds. You can also use our calculator to find the net scheme. 

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