Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance Of The Terms And Conditions

Please read through the website’s terms of use before using this website in any capacity. These terms are binding and pertain to the access, browsing and use of the website. Please do not proceed to use the website if you do not agree with the terms stated below.

This site is only available to people who have reached the age of legal majority and entity. If you do not qualify under the rules applicable in your area then you are not permitted to proceed.

You can only access the website under the condition that you agree with the terms stated below. Once you proceed it is understood that you have read and accepted the terms without any limitation.

2. Use of Information

Using this site does not grant you the license or ownership of any information about the company.

The site is only for the purpose of accessing information i.e, the applications, text, sound, video, logos, images, trade names, services, software, products, data, audio, graphics, icons, etc of Vivaceutical Pvt Ltd.( This included all associates, affiliates, subsidiaries, and any group companies). All the information is only available to use for non-commercial purposes. You are not permitted to distribute, modify, repost, download, reuse or use the information for any commercial, legal or any other purpose.

3. Disclaimer Of Warranties

The information on the site does not come with representation or warranty to justify the authenticity/correctness/ sufficiency. The company is not under any liability or responsibility and disclaims any warranties or conditions mentioned on the site.

4. Restrictions on The Use of Website

Apart from the already mentioned restrictions mentioned in the Terms of Use, you also additionally need to agree to :

  • Not disguising the origin of the information that is transmitted through the website
  • You are not allowed to place any information that may mislead the public on the site
  • Unless explicitly permitted by the company- you are not allowed to access any service, information, application, or software that is available on the site.
  • You are not allowed to input or upload to the website any file or information that may contain computer viruses, time bombs, worms, or any other programs that have the ability to interfere with, expropriate or intercept any processes taking place on the website or infringes on the intellectual property rights of any of the parties involved.
  • No action taken by you should adversely affect the performance of the functions of the website

5. Your Information

Anytime that you fill in your personal details, medical records, data, IP address, answers to certain queries, comments, suggestions on the site either involuntarily or voluntarily, it will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary information and will become the property of the company. The company is under no obligation to provide you with compensation to use, reproduce, disclose, broadcast, or further post the information provided by you.

In case you are sharing information on someone else’s behalf, the onus to get the consent lies on you and not the company.

You understand that the company is free to use the information you provide in any way that they see fit.

6. Links

You understand that there will be third-party links available on the website that are placed as a convenience to you. The company has no control over these links and the company does not endorse the website on the other end of the link. The company does not make any claim regarding the information on these third-party websites.

7. Non-Transferable

Your access to the website is non- transferable. If you are given a password to access or obtain information or documents, it is non-transferable and is the exclusive property of the company.

8. Advice

Any information in relation to any product mentioned on the website is for general information only and should not be treated as medical information or as an alternative source of information to qualified doctors or medical professionals .

9. Termination

You are clear that the company at any time, at their sole discretion is allowed to terminate or suspend the use of the website. Additionally, you understand that the company is not liable to disclose to you or any third party for the termination or suspension of your account.

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