PCd full form in pharma

PCD Full Form in Pharma Industry

Full form of PCD in Pharma Industry

The full form of the abbreviation “PCD” is “Propaganda Cum Distribution”. The abbreviation is used in pharmaceutical marketing to explain the pharma franchise business. A franchise becomes a means of propagation and distribution of services for the pharma company.

With PCD, a franchise owner gets legal marketing and distribution rights of the parent company’s products. The company in turn uses the franchise as a way to market their services and products to the consumer.

By giving permission to sell their products, a pharma company allows franchise owners to use their name and trademark. The partners must also comply with the values and ethics of the company to sell the products.

The entire PCD model in the pharma industry becomes an affordable and convenient way to succeed in the market. The PCD franchise can be owned at a low investment for maximum profit. The franchise also helps the company get distributors across multiple locations.


Vivaceutical is a leading PCD Pharma Franchise company in India

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