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Pharmaceutical Franchise Opportunity with Vivaceutical - Launch Your Own Business

Vivaceutical brings you the expertise of pharma professionals in the form of a PCD pharma franchise business opportunity in Panchkula. It’s a profitable opportunity that not only guarantees high ROI but also makes you a reliable name in the pharma market.

By associating with Vivaceutical, you are associating with a company that stands behind quality and affordable medicine. By owning our franchise, you also get a reliable partner that helps you start and succeed in your own pharma business in Panchkula.

Why Vivaceutical?

With multiple PCD companies sprouting all across India, it can be hard choosing the best one to begin your pharma business. Vivaceutical offers competitive benefits with their PCD pharma franchise program that makes them one of the best and reliable companies in Panchkula and PAN India.
1 Marketing Support

One of the strongest suits of Vivaceutical is its strong marketing support. The company has its own marketing team dedicated towards the market of all existing and new products. With such a strong online presence, franchise owners have an easy time selling the products.

2 100% Stock Availability

Products are always in stock to ensure that you are never left hanging. Vivaceutical ensures that you always get a complete order and in the promised time. No excuses, no delays, no shortage.

3 100% Quality Control

Our pharma products are manufactured in WHO-GMP certified facilities and dual tested for safety and quality. Our team ensures 100% quality control at every step. From collection of raw material to storage conditions and logistics, we maintain a high quality standard.

4 Team of Specialists

Our team consists of experts who specialize in their respective fields. From top notch pharma professionals to marketing experts, our team holds the experience and knowledge to perform and supervise every operation without compromise in quality and safety.

5 On Time Delivery

We will deliver your order within the agreed upon time. Our systemized manufacturing, storage and distribution process helps us give you the right estimate of the date of delivery and also keep up with the promised time.

6 Competitive Prices

Our vision is to make access to quality products easy for the people. For this reason, we offer a range of pharma products at competitive prices. It’s a step ahead for us towards our vision.

Benefits of Working With Us

Every business owner wants to get the best when choosing a PCD pharma franchise program. Let’s give you an insight into the benefits you will have access to if you choose to partner with us.

Promotional Input

We will make your job easier with quality promotional input with the company’s logo. Vivaceutical offers M.R. Bags, Visual-Aids, Order book, Product Cards, LBL's, Reminder Cards, Notepads, Pens, Visiting Cards and T-shirts.

Minimum Investment Options

With Vivaceutical, entrepreneurs and individuals can begin a pharma franchise business at a minimal investment of ₹10,000 - ₹15,000.

Monopoly Rights

Get your PCD pharma franchise in Panchkula with monopoly rights. You get to choose your location of business and be the only franchise of Vivaceutical in your chosen area.

Customer Support

Whether it’s before or after getting our pharma franchise in Panchkula, our dedicated customer support team is always available to solve all your queries. We will help you until you find a satisfactory solution.

Regular Updates

Place your order and always be up to date with your order status. We will notify you regularly about dispatch, shipping, delivery and other important details of your order via Whatsapp.

A profitable business opportunity for you

How To Begin?

If you are ready to begin your journey in the pharma market with Vivaceutical and own a PCD franchise in Panchkula, you are just a click away from setting your idea into motion. Here’s how you can start your PCD pharma franchise business with us.

  • Decide on your maximum investment amount.
  • Explore your market and select the products you need from our product portfolio.
  • Submit your inquiry.
  • Settle on the terms during a meeting and place your order.
  • Start your business and begin earning.

Start Your PCD Pharma Franchise Business in Panchkula With Vivaceutical

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