How to Start a Pharma Business Using Third Party Manufacturing

How to Start a Pharma Business Using Third Party Manufacturing?

Did you know that the yearly turnover of the Pharma industry in India was Rs. 2,89,998 crores in 2019-2020? If you are wondering whether you should enter this sector, the answer is absolutely yes, as long as you’re willing to be patient. Remember, every business takes some time and will to build.

However, when entering an industry like pharma in India, success is almost guaranteed. “Why?,” you may ask. You see, India has labor in abundance, lower taxes, and many resources. The industry made good use of what was available and has become the world’s 3rd largest pharma industry, and the supplier of 50% vaccines globally.

If you wish to set up a pharma business and are not sure how to go about it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ll introduce you to third-party manufacturing, its benefits, and how to successfully make use of it. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is Third Party Manufacturing in Pharma?

Third-party manufacturing refers to getting your own brand’s products manufactured by another company. Lots of businesses begin small and grow quickly by making use of this service.

It is also known as contract manufacturing and is a very popular way for marketing companies to grow. Even as a complete newbie in the pharma sector, you can successfully build your own brand.

So, let’s look at the steps you would have to follow in order to have your products manufactured at a third-party site.

Starting a Business With Third Party Manufacturing

Starting a business is always risky and requires a lot of research. However, when you get in touch with the right third-party manufacturer, they can make the process so much easier.

Now, let’s look at the steps you must follow in order to set up a pharma business with your own brand products, even if you don’t have access to the machinery required for manufacturing.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer for Your Needs

In India, you will find many third-party manufacturers of pharmacy products. However, it is crucial to find one that delivers on the promises that are made prior to payment. For instance, Vivaceutical ensures that you get quality-check products and receive timely delivery pan India.

When working with us, you also get full creative freedom over designing your own labels, products made with the best quality equipment, and much more! Moreover, we always deliver on the promises we make. It is also important to have a responsive customer care service, which we make sure we offer to all our clients.

So, if you ever have any doubts, our representatives will happily and swiftly take care of them. After all, we do everything in our power to make sure that you can run your business smoothly.

Send an Enquiry

After you have selected the company you wish to get your products manufactured from, it’s time to send an inquiry. You can do this through email or on call, if they have a number listed. In an enquiry, it is important to get answers to the following:

  • The production process.
  • Ask about their pricing.
  • Rules and regulations they abide by.
  • Whether the manufacturer’s address will be prominent on the packaging.

Also, remember when you enquire about the piercing, be transparent about your own budget. You may also have to provide your company’s GST number.

As for the marketed by address not matching the manufactured by address, you can place your own address at the top by designing your product in such a way.

Decide the Product Quantity

When you get a response to your enquiry, and have a chat with the manufacturer, they will ask for your required quantity. Remember, that every manufacturer has different policies but all of them will require you to order at least the minimum amount of products.

So, you should have already decided how much quantity you’re going to order by the time you put in an enquiry, as you will be hearing back from them soon.

Submitting Documents

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • Aadhar card
  • Drug licenses
  • Company PAN card
  • Sales tax registration proof
  • Agreement for manufacturing
  • Certificate for Non-resemblance

Place the Order

After having a satisfactory conversation with the manufacturer, there is not much left to do besides placing an order. If you place the order through email, always make sure to get a confirmation.

You will also be required to pay half the amount as advance. Now is the time to confirm when you will get delivery of the products, which may be a specific date or a short time period.

Finalize the Product Design

An important part of having your own brand is how you present it. You don’t necessarily have to spend hours to design them, or hire a team of designers.

At Vivaceutical, we offer standard primary packaging, along with customized layouts to choose from. So, even if you don’t have a creative vision yet, our team is here to help.

Shipment Delivery

All you have to do is sit back and wait for the shipment carrying your products. This is another one of the reasons why you should choose your third party manufacturing company carefully, as they would provide timely deliveries.

That sums it up for the process on your part, as the rest of it is the manufacturer’s responsibility.


Starting a pharma business with third-party manufacturing is a proven way to build a successful business. There are many benefits to it, such as you do not require the capital to invest in large machinery. Or, you do not have to deal with the whole process of production.

Moreover, you can do this business successfully even if you have little knowledge, as our team of experts is here to guide you all the way through. For those who already run a retail pharmacy store, launching their own brand is the perfect way to expand the business!

Here is all you need to know about having Vivaceutical manufacture products for you.


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